Black Tuesday

Coming in at just under 20% abv, Black Tuesday could really make for a Blacked Out Tuesday.  This Barrel Aged Imperial Stout packs a heckuva malt punch, tasting much of raisins and dried fruits.  The bourbon barrel character shines through in some caramels and a slight oakiness, as well as the slight alcohol bite.  This beer makes for a wonderful shared pour among friends, but be careful when enjoying alone.  It may leave you wondering where Tuesday’s gone.

Appearance.  Black in color.  Slight head, tan.
Aroma.  Very malt forward.  Some caramels along with dried fruits, raisins.

Taste.  Very malt forward.  Raisins.  Whiskey characteristics (oaky and caramels).

Mouth feel.  Medium heat (alcohol).  Very warming.  Some slickness.  Beer was thick, but not as thick as one would think.

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