Belgian style Golden Strong Ale

I’m brewing up a Golden Strong Ale today.  I made sure to title it a Belgian style instead of true Belgian for you purists out there.  Technically, this will be a Louisiana Golden Strong Ale…I’m liking the sound of that already!

Already brewday hasn’t gone quite to plan, my mash efficiency was a little lower than my normal brews.  I still want to figure out what exactly happened to hurt me so, but that is for another time.  Right now, I am concentrated on fixing the issue.  For me, this means a longer boil, which is why I have time for a quick blog post.  I don’t mind sacrificing a little volume to better attempt to hit my numbers.

Everything else so far has gone swimingly, however.  All a product of proper planning.  Planning your brew day out sure goes a long way in easing your mind during the process.

My recipe can be found below, I’ll certainly be checking back in to let you know how this one turned out.

Golden Strong Ale

5.5 gallons

15lbs Pilsen

3lbs Sucrose

East Kent Golding 2 oz at 60 min

Czech Saaz 2 oz at 30 min

Target Gravity was 1.100, but looking like I’ll be closer to 1.090.

Targeting 1.009 on the final gravity.

Fermenting with WLP570.  Going for fermentation in the low 80s this time.



Brewing a BIAB American Pale Ale


My ghetto brewing keggle

My Brew Cipher Excel spreadsheet for anybody who cares to look

89% German Pils

4% Caramel 40 L

3% Carapils

The remaining 4% was Acid malt because my water ain’t right.

1.058 estimated post boil OG

Mashed for 1.5 hours at 154.  The center of the grain bag temp was 149 when I pulled the grain out.

Bittered with simcoe.  Cascade at 10 minutes, chinook at 5 minutes and simcoe at flame out.  52 IBUs. US05 yeast pitched and fermented at 69 degrees.  1.5 hour boil.

The predicted FG is 1.013.

I racked 5 gallons into fermenter at 1.060.  My OG was high but I don’t have a problem with more alcohol.  I will be fermenting this for around 12 days and bottling straight from primary.



Realized 11 days into fermentation that the lid on my bucket was cracked so I bottled at 11 days.  The beer finished at 1.010.  It was pretty tasty going into the bottles.  I really like the hops…hardly a trace of citrus or fruit.  Very earthy.  I am very impatient so I drank two bottles yesterday after 2 days in the bottle.  I think this will be a stable brew for me.


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