Rougarou by Tin Roof

rougarou black ale


I remember being a child and seeing pictures of a Rougarou.  It haunted my childhood dreams.  When I would be leaving a deer stand at night and see eyes, it was a Rougarou.  I was terrified of being in the woods at night.  Now that I have grown up I know that this hellish beast was something a taxidermist fashioned out of deer, coyote, and bobcat parts.  Tin Roof has recreated this Rougarou nightmare with  a beast that is 9.7% ABV and 108 ibus.  I don’t fear this Rougarou.  I respect it’s power.  The only thing that scares me now is the car ride home…thankfully Uber has that covered.

The aroma is a mix of dark roasted malts, chocolate and coffee with some citrus.  The hops are pretty powerful at the front end but quickly faded to a dry, stout like finish.  I will definitely be grabbing another bottle of this.



‘Tin Roof Brewing Co. Tap room’

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